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  • Arrangements civil construction industry, hotel, places of worship
  • Arrangements industrial sector
  • Arrangements Naval Division – MED certification – B

The technical and commercial structure of Stucchitalia is able to prepare its supply for big achievements, developed and engineered for a consistent and accurate prefabrication. Regardless of the type of materials used and the distance of the laying in place. Careful about the packaging needs and the different ways of transportation; for an installation of the work facilitated and guided by clear assembly instructions that accompany all the achievements of Stucchitalia. Plaster, wood, metal, resin: different materials must often coexist, overlap, and join in the construction of boats in all sizes. The particular field of application is followed with growing interest, and competently by Stucchitalia. Entrusting the solution on specific problems to a special personal sector appositely prepared and professional in the feild, without setting limits on aesthetics and applicability of innovative elements.