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– Technical Department

The diversity of the fields in which Stucchitalia is operative, and the need to meet these diverse requirements always with a specific and detailed knowledge and specialization, have suggested to articolate the organized structure in more divisions. In which these details can highly emerge and single professions enhanced.

The major diffusions of new constructive techniques based on the use of pre-fabricated elements, that are renewable and replaceable with time, need an elaborated knowledge of the characteristics of every single element for an optimal coordination and control of the interactions between them. The realizations of Stucchitalia offer the maximum reliability, thanks to the strict upgrade every project collaborator, technician and specialist have.

A particular attention is given to the requests of the clients. The accurate and define project, the elaborated study in detail, the accurate and coherent composition of the model and the fine-tuning of the prints finalized to the necessities of production of each model; make every creation of Stucchitalia a unique sample. All brings the client to a full satisfaction, trustworthiness and durability in time.

The renovation of internal and external decorations need a high knowledge of the most wide spreaded techniques of the age and usage of materials. And the full acknowledgment of remarkable techniques, molds, recompositions and completions of fragments, to insure the re-proposal of figures and decorations or else lost.

The personnel of Stucchitalia in charge of this specific sector is equipped of experience and all the necessary competences. Supported by technology and the organization of the company, trained and prepared to assolve with security the hard assignment of recovery and restoration.

The decorators of Stucchitalia all have full experiences and specific competences in the compensation of surfaces, usage of color, reproduction of adornments, simulating materials and  final touchings. All guarantees a complete harmony in the maintenance, decorative and style, work with the personal choice of the designers.

Stucchitalia is a sure point of reference also in the sector of false-ceilings, both classical and modern. Aware not only of their important aesthetic role, but also that they always need to correspond to specific technical and regulatory requirements, both in their production and installation .

The success of an accomplishment branded Stucchitalia is closely linked to the punctual respect in following the design specifications of the client. In the case of their absence, the technical department of interior design is able to offer customers alternative decorating solutions for internal or external spaces following their practical and aesthetic need.