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Synthetic Description:

The GFRP, which stands for Polymers or (plastic resins) Reinforced with glass fiber – most commercially known simply as “Fiberglass” or “glass-resin” – is a composite material with countless and amazing qualities and characteristics, mainly made out of two raw materials: polyester resin (or, for specific uses and with a higher technological content, also epoxy acrylic resin) reinforced with glass fibers in the mass.

Its versatility, and its finished appearance particularly smooth and compact, the moisture resistance, and resistance to UV rays, the considerable mechanical resistance conferred by the glass fibers, but especially the adaptability to various profiles and its workability in various thicknesses, make it particularly suitable in all those accomplishments which needs light weight, durability and maintainability.

It possesses many qualities of the common “PLASTIC” but much less defects of this last.

It does not melt, but burns as wood, though it may be very simply and economically loaded with substances to make it flame retardant.

It has high resistance to considerable flex (7 times stronger than standard steel) but with an extreme low weight.

Despite the very small thickness and low weight volume it has ability to absorb large amounts of impact energy.

For enhanced fluidity and low viscosity it has the property to make the most of the details and texture of surface finish views.

It can be colored in paste and can be loaded with dust from various materials (from metal powder and aluminum, to the marble dust, etc.) to achieve effects of amazing and impressive finishes.