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Stucchitalia® was born in Italy in 1958 and is currently the world market leader in the production, distribution and installation of decorative elements for interiors and exteriors in gypsum and the new line product for external “Decolight®” product with high mechanical strength and water resistance in gypsum, cement and polyester.
Stucchitalia® operates in Italy, Europe, United States, Africa, Middle East and Asia. Its mission is to satisfy all the needs in the architectural decoration field at an international level. Besides the Italian plants, planning and sales offices in Italy, Stucchitalia® hold representative office in Dubai, Cairo and London.
Stucchitalia® as well as the studios of design, the production and marketing office in Italy, Stucchitalia® is present with own offices in London, Cairo and Dubai.
Stucchitalia® collaborates with the best professionals in the industry. Architects, engineers, sculptors and craftsmen all contribute to the realization of high quality interior and exterior decorating projects. Stucchitalia® target two separate markets, defined as follows:
• “Consumer” Market
Standard elements such as mouldings, profile, prefabricated architectural items and false-ceilings in gypsum for interior trimming and decoration of exteriors with the Decolight® new line of products in gypsum, concrete, polyester.
• “Contract” Market
Tailored design and production of decorative parts for interiors and exteriors of new buildings or for refurbishing projects:
• Villas
• Historical abodes
• Luxury hotels
• Banks
• Public and private offices
• Places of worship
• Boats and cruise ships
• Theatres and auditoriums
• Presidential and royal palaces
• Museums
• Embassies
• Clinics and Hospitals
• Other
The Contract business often requires the use of specific and unique decorative elements. Stucchitalia® is therefore committed to providing a full services in the making of false ceilings, partitions and any other tailored decorative item the Client may require. Depending on Client needs, Stucchitalia® will choose the most suitable gypsum, cements and resins. The high quality of the materials employed contributes to satisfy the need for excellence and product certification (Decolight®,
For the Contract market, Stucchitalia® can also provide a DVD containing a detailed standard items list in Autocad format to facilitate the planning of interior and exterior (Decolight®) decorating projects.
Stucchitalia® uses specific printing, collaging and spraying processes for every type of gypsum, whether standard or highly resistant, developed for interiors or exteriors. We constantly strive to achieve the most advanced engineering and building
techniques in order to obtain long-lasting, technically, advanced products and more cost-effective project management for our clients.
This know-how, together with well-organized productive structure and an efficient organizational and operational setup, allows Stucchitalia® to respond to high levels of demand without compromising on top class quality. Thanks to a fifty-years experience, largely on international scene, and to close partnership with internationally renowned architecture and engineering firms Stucchitalia® can provide assistance and collaboration on the professional analysis, project management, development of prototypes and samples of interior and exterior trims.